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The committee has chosen to separate the Festival and the Showcase to give the choreographers and performers who were selected for the Showcase a more formal experience, and to provide more opportunities at the Festival itself in regards to master classes and professional company performances. The traditional Festival full of workshops, master classes, and new experiences has been moved to the Fall semester to motivate and inspire students for their year of High School dance.


This upcoming year's 2023 Festival will be held at Evanston Township High School on Saturday, October 14 2023,

with a special performance by Giordano Dance Chicago


COST: $35 per Student before September 22, 2023; $45 per Student after September 22, 2023

*There is no additional cost for educators, coaches, or sponsors.

Please contact for any questions, details, and/or interest in attending or hosting the Fall Festival!

Anyone attending events hosted by IHSDF grants the unrestricted right to use and publish photos or video footage taken during the event for the explicit use of advertising and promotion of IHSDF.

If interested in teaching a class at the festival, please contact and send professional resumé to Lola Schaefer.

If your professional dance company is interested in performing at the festival, please contact Christine Widell.


Performing Company History

2011 - Same Planet Different World

2012 - Illinois University Dance Programs

2013 - Giordano Dance Chicago

2014 - RE Dance

2015 - Thodos Dance Chicago

2017 - Chicago Dance Crash

2018 - Inaside Chicago Dance

2019 - Joel Hall Dancers

2022 - Hot Crowd

2023 - Giordano Dance Chicago

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