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What is the Illinois High School Dance Festival?
The organization started as a yearly festival that was created to provide interested high school dancers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a day of dance.  The organization believes that young dancers should be exposed to the many genres of dance, not only in class but in performance as well. Through time, the organization has evolved and now incorporates a Festival Workshop in the Fall and a Student Choreographed State Showcase in the Spring.

Who can participate in the Illinois High School Dance Festival?
Any high school student that resides in the state of Illinois is eligible to participate in the Fall Festival. For the Fall Festival, high schools do not have to have structured dance programs or student performance groups.  However, students must be accompanied by a school staff sponsor or chaperone. Student Choreography Showcase auditions are limited to performing-arts based high school groups. 

Does a school need to participate in the Choreography Showcase Auditions to be part of the Festival?
Not necessarily. Any high school dance programs and groups can choose to bring their students to the Fall Festival regardless whether or not they would like to audition for the Student Choreography State Showcase in the Spring. We also would hope that schools that auditioned for the Showcase and were not selected would still allow their students to come and be a part of this wonderful day and support the all-state dancers and schools. The day provides young dancers with a variety of experiences that they can learn from.  Every high school dancer is welcome!

Is the Festival at the same location each year with the same master teachers?
The Festival changes location almost every year.  Although there are schools that have the space capacity and resources to host it often, the Festival Committee does try to rotate locations at least every other year so that students get to experience different schools and how their programs operate.  If you believe your school would be interested in hosting the Fall Festival, please contact us so future plans can be made.  Master teachers are selected upon availability and teacher/student feedback.  It is not uncommon to have the same teachers from year to year.  In fact, some master teachers from Chicago-based companies such as Chicago Dance Crash, Desueño Dance, Inaside Chicago Dance, and Giordano Dance Chicago have become traditional figures at the Festival due to their contributions to the dance community in Chicago and abroad.

Is there a minimum amount of students I must bring in order to participate?
Schools can bring as little as one student to the Festival.  There also is no maximum number.  All students are welcome, groups small or large.  If for some reason teachers cannot bring their students, but would like to attend themselves then they too, may also just register at the teacher rate.

Please contact for any questions, details, and/or interest!

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