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Student Choreography
State Showcase

Welcome to the 2024 IHSDF Student Choreography State Showcase.  


The showcase will be hosted by Barrington High School this year and will be on Friday, April 5th, 2024 7pm.


This performance will showcase some of the strongest student choreography in the state and we look forward to seeing what your dancers have created. 


This year we will be hosting a video audition for all high school-affiliated dance programs and companies.  The showcase is not open to pom or dance teams.  

Audition Criteria 

All pieces must be original student choreography created by a current high school student in your program.  No director or guest artist input is allowed.   


The cost of auditions is $75 per piece. If you attended the 2023 Illinois High School Dance Festival, the cost is $50 per piece. Each school can submit up to two pieces.  


Video submissions should be sent to IHSDF Student Choreography State Showcase Audition Application.  R


Video submissions and payment must be received by Friday, February 23rd at the latest, no exceptions.  If payment is not received by the deadline, your audition will not be viewed by the judges.  


Video auditions will be viewed and adjudicated on Saturday, March 2nd 2024. Dancers and Directors do not need to be present during the viewing.  It is a closed audition.


Video guidelines

If sharing a file from your Google Drive or other cloud service, please make sure that the video share settings are set to any one can view.


  • Open space with a solid color background

  • No indications of your school name, logo, or mascot.

  • No audience members or applause.

  • General work lighting should be used, piece begins and ends with lights on

  • No special lighting or effects are allowed.  Changes in lighting, colored lighting, or special effects are not permitted during your recording.  Not adhering to these guidelines will result in disqualification. 


  • One camera wide shot (horizontal if using a phone)

  • Camera should be close to eye level with dancers

  • No editing, zooming in/out, cross fades, or multiple camera angles can be used during your recording.

  • No one should be speaking on your video unless it is expressly in the choreography. 

  • Dancers should begin in their opening position.

  • Not adhering to these guidelines will result in disqualification. 

  • Dances should not exceed 4:00 minutes.

Additional information

  • Do not wear anything representing your school or show anything in your video representing your school

  • Dancers should be in costume with makeup & hair as you would perform it in the showcase.

  • Music and movement should be appropriate for an educational setting.

  • If you are submitting two pieces, please attach both files to the same form.`  You will not be able to fill out more than one form. Make sure that you are submitting one form with both pieces.  


Film a rehearsal and check for sound and lighting before you film your final take.

Please watch your entire video to check it before submitting it.  


Submissions will be viewed by the adjudicators in the order they were received.

Once again, the deadline for all payment and submissions is Friday, February 23rd. If your payment has not been received by the deadline. Your piece(s) will not be adjudicated. 


To provide a positive educational experience for all who audition, the following criteria will govern the selection of the Showcase dances.


Original student choreography from a current high school student, 2023-24. 

Technique of the dancers; extension, placement, control, rhythm, energy, and focus.

Presentation; dancers’ appearance, costumes, and clarity of the performance.

Quality of the choreography; development of a theme or idea, body design, combinations, floor patterns, originality, creativity, and accompaniment.


All schools that send in an audition for consideration will be notified who was selected by email on Saturday, March 2nd no later than 8:00pm.  All schools will receive the judges adjudication notes a few weeks after the audition.  

The dances selected by the adjudicators cannot be altered in any way for the performance unless the adjudicators made the suggestion about a change. 

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