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Congratulations to the selected Schools in our

2023 Student Choreography State Showcase!

Auditions for the 2023 Student Choreography State Showcase were held on March 11th, congrats to the following schools for being accepted out of over 40 dances into the showcase on April 14th.

Below are the selected dances, in show order:
"Kenchella" - Kenwood Academy

"My Way" - Prospect High School

"Insanity" - Buffalo Grove High School

"Wistful Moment" - Adlai E. Stevenson High School

"Transcend" - Niles West High School

"Her" - John Hersey High School

"Get it Together" - Whitney Young Magnet High School

"Hollow' - Rolling Meadows High School

"Is This Enough" - Barrington High School

"Loss of Sight" - Riverside Brookfield High School

"In Liminality" - Highland Park High School

Traditionally, the Student Choreography State Showcase is made up of between 8 and 14 dances that perform at the end of the day at the Festival. This annual showcase is a wonderful opportunity for your students, as it features the state's standout high school choreographers and performers.

A $50.00 per dance audition fee is due prior to auditions. Checks should be made payable to Illinois High School Dance Festival and are highly encouraged to be sent over prior to auditions. Checks may be collected on-site the day of auditions, but schools will loose their eligibility to be selected for the showcase if payment is not received by auditions. 

While schools may audition up to 2 dances, only 1 dance per school can be selected.

Selected Schools will be asked to attend tech during a Friday school day on the same day as the showcase.  

Tech rehearsal times at the host school will be assigned and communicated after auditions and will be based on show and program order arrange by the professional judges.. Please note that each year stage dimensions for the audition location do not always match up with the dimensions for the performance location. 

The committee asks that all sponsors stress the importance of auditioning only ORIGINAL STUDENT-CHOREOGRAPHED WORKS. It is also necessary for all-state schools selected to perform in the Student Choreographed State Showcase

to make all applicable changes to their dance as recommended by the judges. All dancers must be present at the actual audition, and the cast must remain the same for the showcase. Any school that fails to adhere to the rules will not be invited to audition the following year.

If you have questions regarding the Student Choreography State Showcase, please contact Christine Widell

If your school is new to our organization and you need to set up a Tax ID prior to submitting a check for the auditions, please contact Amelia and

Anyone attending events hosted by IHSDF grants the unrestricted right to use and publish photos or video footage taken during the event for the explicit use of advertising and promotion of IHSDF.

Student Showcase History

2022 - Riverside Brookfield High School

  1. "Point of View" - Riverside Brookfield High School

  2. "Burn "- Maine West High School

  3. "To Descend" - John Hersey High School

  4. "Together As One" - Highland Park High School

  5. "The Divided" - Niles North High School

  6. "Slow Down" - Carmel Catholic High School

  7. "Outre Lux" - Prospect High School

  8. "Metro" - Buffalo Grove High School

  9. "Make Me Feel" - Barrington  High School

  10. "To Envy the Quiet" - Adlai E. Stevenson High School

  11. "Be Free" - Kenwood Academy

  12. "Insidious" - Rolling Meadows High School

2021 - *Open Submissions and Virtual Performance

  1. "Bones" - Evanston Township High School

  2. "Deviation" - Rolling Meadows High School

  3. "If God Spoke" - Whitney Young Magnet High School

  4. "Let the Damage Grow" - Adlai E. Stevenson High School

  5. "Leaving My Love Behind" - Elk Grove High School

  6. "Fleeting Love" - Wheeling High School

  7. "Seek and Find" - Carmel Catholic High School

  8. "Wandering Child" - Naperville Central High School

  9. "Backlit" - Niles North High School

  10. "Next to You" - Buffalo Grove High School

  11. "Fool" - Kenwood Academy High School

  12. "Recondite" - Prospect High School

  13. "Trip" - John Hersey High School

  14. "Heartbreak" - Maine West High School

2020 - *No live performance due to Festival and Showcase cancellation

  1. "Subway Song" - John Hersey High School

  2. "Someone to You" - Evanston Township High School

  3. "River Runs" - Glenbrook North High School

  4. "Alone Together" - Prospect High School

  5. "Dissent" - Rolling Meadows High School

  6. "The Games" - Riverside Brookfield High School

  7. "All That Jazz" - Maine West High School

  8. "Fever Dream" - Niles North High School

  9. "I'm Sorry" - Buffalo Grove High School

  10. "Nobody Told Me" - Lyons Township High School

  11. "Someone in the Crowd" - Elk Grove High School

  12. "The Final Goodbye" - Barrington High School

  13. "Bury My Innocence" - Highland Park High School

2019 - Curie Metropolitan High School

  1. "Nascar Race" - Naperville Central High School

  2. "Mind Full" - John Hersey High School

  3. "Low Light" - Wheeling High School

  4. "To You From Me" - Buffalo Grove High School

  5. "Indecisive" - Niles North High School

  6. "No Justice, No Peace" - Elk Grove High School

  7. "Winter" - Maine West High School

  8. "They Were Wrong" - Evanston Township High School

  9. "True Colors" - Barrington High School

  10. "This Place is a Shelter" - Prospect High School

  11. "She Is" - Whitney Young Magnet High School

2018 - Evanston Township High School

  1. "The Light that Never Fails" - Glenbrook North High School

  2. "You'll Find a Way" - Kenwood Academy

  3. "You and Her" - Highland Park High School

  4. "The Aftermath" - Rolling Meadows High School

  5. "Look Up" - Riverside Brookfield High School

  6. "Vibezzz" - Nicholas Senn High School

  7. "Crafted Precisely" - Lyons Township High School

  8. "Transportin" - Naperville Central High School

  9. "If I Stay" - Maine West High School

  10. "Straight Masterpiece" - Evanston Township High School

  11. "Dare to Dream" - Wheeling High School

  12. "For Lola" - Prospect High School

  13. "Hype! TH3 FINAL3" - Niles North High School

2017 - Maine West High School 

  1. "Light Refused to Go" - Lyons Township High School​

  2. "Painted Distortion" - Leyden High School

  3. "Radiance" - Prospect High School

  4. "Not Yet a Man" - Whitney Young Magnet High School

  5. "Hype! Part II" - Niles North High School 

  6. "Stomp In the Swamp" - Maine West High School

  7. "Drifting" - Riverside Brookfield High School

  8. "Multistage" - Evanston Township High School

  9. "This Bitter Earth" - John Hersey High School

  10. "Luster" - Buffalo Grove High School

  11. "Apple Butter" - Nicholas Senn High School

  12. "Mahima" - Rolling Meadows High School

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