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Illinois High School Dance Festival

Saturday October 14, 2023

Hosted at Evanston Township High School

The Illinois High School Dance Festival is traditionally an annual gathering of high school dancers and their teachers. This exciting day of dance includes four master classes, a professional company performance, and a student choreography showcase. High school students from Illinois are given the opportunity to take class with some of Chicago's premiere teachers, choreographers and performers. Teachers are able to network, enhance lesson plans through class participation and also enjoy two fabulous dance concerts alongside their students. The Festival provides a dance intensive experience with many styles of dance. Students and teachers are able to share this day with their peers throughout the state in an effort to create connections, to learn through similarities and differences in our programs and to simply appreciate the art of dance!

Please contact for any questions, details, and/or interest!

Student Choreography State Showcase

More Information Coming Soon!

This annual showcase is a wonderful opportunity for your students, as it features the state's standout high school choreographers and performers.



Molly S. 
(Evanston Township High School)

I enjoyed the 2022 Festival at Riverside Brookfield High School a lot! One of the many things that made it fun was trying a lot of styles of dance that I had never done before. 

My favorite class from the Festival was the musical theater class because we learned a fast and fun combination and it was a new style for me.

In the 2023 Festival I am looking forward to trying even more new styles of dance. 

High school dancers should attend the Fall Festival because you get to take multiple master classes, try new styles, watch and have a Q&A from a professional dance company, and have a fun day!

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